Welcome to Femtastic

When Gloria Steinem came to Stanford last week, one of the first things she did was write off the old “there are no young feminists” complaint, pointing out that it comes from the same place as the “feminism is dead” rumor and is equally untrue.

At Femtastic, we are continually blown away by the power and energy of young feminism.  This blog was created as a way to centralize and highlight feminist dialogue around campus.  It is not meant to replace those face-to-face interactions that are the heart of the feminist movement, but rather it is meant to highlight new voices and open up a conversation at Stanford and in the larger community.

We are thrilled to be sharing this exploration and dialogue with you.

If you have feedback about the blog or are interested in contributing, please email the Stanford Women’s Community Center student staff at wccstaff@gmail.com.


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