Fem-tastic Friday!

It’s Friday!  The sun is out, the long weekend is here, and almost every guy in government can’t stop arguing about… women’s bodies.

Proposals for trans-vaginal ultrasound laws in Virginia, Texas, and Iowa – very likely to be passed in at least Virginia and Texas (via RH Reality Check)

Jon Stewart on Rick Santorum, the Catholic Church, and The Vagina Ideologues.

New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand on why more women’s voices are needed in these conversations (via Feministing).

Michael Kaufman on The Five Reasons Why Men Should Control Women’s Reproduction(a satire – we promise!)

And finally, and oldie but goodie – feminist comedian Sarah Haskins on birth control marketing towards women.

In other news, two awesome articles about Adele: how she is the solution to our problems, and why Vogue felt the need to completely photoshop her on their March cover.

GOOD gives a step-by-step solution to how to solve the gender gap.

And finally – sending you off onto your weekend with some great news – Washington State legalizes gay marriage!

Other cool things to check out:

Happy Friday from the WCC!

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