The byline gender gap

by Miranda

Vida’s report on the 2011 gender proportions of writers published in many popular “thought-leading” magazines is…well, grim.

(Via Ann Friedman, executive editor of GOOD magazine and creator of Lady Journos, which dispels the myth that the byline gap is caused by a dearth of stellar female journalists. It’s not the writers, it’s the editors.)

What gets me is that these are such liberal publications! These stats show that the entire journalism world has a ton of work to do to amplify women’s voices and achieve gender parity in the industry.

Interested in journalism or writing? Might we suggest publishing something on Femtastic? We would love to hear from you and showcase your work. Oh, and as a bonus, our editors aren’t sexist! Lucky you.


One thought on “The byline gender gap

  1. Wow. What a great representation of the misogyny alive and well even in the progressive publishing world. Where is that great Liberal Media we’re always hearing about? If it exists, maybe we should call it the Liberal Men’s Media? Liberal Male Media? Men’s Liberation Media? Hmmm….something like that. Ideas?

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