Fem-tastic Friday!!

China is apparently one of the best places to make it as a billionaire as a woman.

In the fight against abortion and contraception, it’s low-income women who lose.

Shockingly, that fight is driving women back to voting for the Democrats.

The Anita Borg institute released a list of famous women in computer science. Did you know the first person to successfully write a cs program was a woman?

South Africa calls for more women to go into science.

A woman in Louisiana is trying out to be the kicker for LSU, a big football school. I love how all the articles about it feel the need to reference the fact that she was homecoming queen.

Stanford’s School of Medicine is making strides toward getting more women as physicians and in leadership. Now let’s bring it to all the departments!

Happy Friday from the WCC!

Ada Lovelace pre-programming. http://harkavagrant.com/index.php?id=298


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