Fem-tastic Friday!!!

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Happy Friday! Congratulations on making it through Week 2 and hopefully things aren’t getting too hectic too soon! 

Take a look at some of the feminist issues that have been addressed this week: 

1.  Is House Work Real Work? A democratic strategist is in hot water for claiming that Ann Romney (stay-at home mom) “never worked a day in her life.”
2. Love Nicki Minaj? Hate Nicki Minaj? Regardless, you can’t deny the impact she’s had on the music industry as one of few female rappers.

3. Being Hit Where It Hurts: Not only do women make less than men, we’re also unequally affected by the economic recession

4. Called Out: Ashley Judd highlighting the issue of women’s portrayal in the media and naming major perpetrators! 

5. Who Doesn’t Need Feminism? Really cool feminist project by students at Duke

6.  [Slight Tangent] Cory Booker, Mayor of New Jersey and the Commencement Speaker for the Class of 2012, is a hero. : ) 

April is Herstory Month and we invite you to celebrate women’s history by attending a great events honoring women. We have a program just about every day this month! 

Upcoming Events: 

-Friday, April 13th at 12PM: Why Don’t Women go into STEM? (WCC) 
-Friday, April 13th from 7PM-9PM-Lelian Fusion Belly Dancing Performance (WCC) 
-Monday, April 16th from 7PM-9M-Dor Bollywood Movie Screening (WCC) 
-Tuesday, April 17th from 12PM-1PM-The Medicalization of Women’s Bodies (WCC) 
-Thursday, May 3rd-We’re bringing Marianne Williamson, one of Oprah’s spiritual advisors to campus on May 3rd! Get yourfree ticket to hear her speak today! 

Stay Updated

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Get Involved: 

1. Rock the vote! Vote at ballot.stanford.edu! Voting closes at 11:59PM tonight! Your voice and your vote matter! Support women’s issues on campus! 
2. Apply to work at the WCC next year!!! Applications due April 30th! 

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