Fem-tastic Friday!!!

It’s Friday!  Check out what’s been going on this week:

The Women’s Community center has been busy this week!  Whether it’s releasing an anti sexual violence PSA full of voices of community members, writing an op-ed on why the Alternative Review Process is an awesome system, or bringing Marianne Williamson to campus, it’s been a great week!

This week has also brought up a lot of great discussions of activism, whether it’s why voting is important (but really – are you registered to vote?  No excuses – do it NOW), the issue of nice vs. good, or five overlooked battles in the war on women.

Some food for thought: Should we be using a different word besides feminism?  Have opinions?  You shoudl contribute to Femtastic by emailing your submission to wccstaff@gmail.com!

And to wrap things up, here are some Tumblrs we love:

Oppressed brown girls doing things: smart, funny, linked from Racialicious!

Planned Parenthood: now in the world of Tumblr and even cooler than before!

– #whatshouldwecallfeminism: thank you Google for finding this; thank you amazing amazing person who created this.

Happy Friday from the WCC!


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