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In an interview with The Daily Beast, Suzanne Venker, author of the controversial Fox News article “The War on Men,” explained that the critics had it all wrong. She hadn’t meant to suggest that women shouldn’t compete with men in the workforce. What she really meant to say was that wives shouldn’t be competing with their husband. All a man wants to do is provide for his wife — it’s the duty of the wife to put her career and ambitions in the backseat in order to make sure her husband’s masculinity isn’t threatened by her success.

“I didn’t mean that women can’t compete with men in the workforce,” Venker said. “I meant that men don’t want to compete with their wives in marriage.”

You’re right, Ms. Venker. That’s much better.

Her argument is that, in a healthy marriage, the woman can’t be powerful — she must remain “feminine and vulnerable,” and she ought to take take on “that more traditional role as being dependent on a man,” because that is what will make him most comfortable.

Even allowing that women can advance to high-powered positions in the workforce as long as they’re not out-achieving their husbands, her argument is still horrifyingly old-fashioned, and, quite frankly, simply appalling.

She claims it’s important to make sure that a marriage isn’t a “competition.” Well, that’s great if it means both parties are equal, but Venker certainly isn’t arguing for equality between the sexes. Instead, she is advocating that we remove all competition from marriages and replace it with outright subordination.

But this is perfectly acceptable, she says, because in fact this is exactly what women want. They don’t want to waste their lives working — they want to live a “cushier life.” Men, according to Venker, don’t have this option. But women certainly should.

“There is nothing wrong with having different road maps.”

You know what, I couldn’t agree more. In fact, I believe that everybody, regardless of gender, should have the option to follow whatever road map they choose. But choose is the important word there, because nobody should ever be expected to follow one particular path in life just because of some ridiculously outdated ideas about gender roles.

See the full article here.


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