I simply cannot tell you how many times I am with a group of people, blood boiling thoughts racing mind sifting and sorting through the mental library I have compiled over the years of articles and books and blogs, formulating an argument to combat the blatant or subtle sexism of the moment.

It would easier to call out and hate the current gender frame if it were not so pervasive. Sexism is perpetuated by that likable guy down the hall, by your mother preaching that your wardrobe determines how a man is allowed to treat you, by your “friend” who talks about other girls in the most vile and contemptuous way, by your loving pastor who reaches deep into religious scripture to explain to you once again why women are not permitted to become priests in the Catholic church. The sexist gender structure all too often has a friendly face, which can make it very very difficult to confront. Sure, it’s easy to hate blatant violent sexism. Most people you will encounter will agree that acts like rape, human trafficking, and domestic violence are terrible awful disgusting abuses of male power. Unfortunately, however, those same people will turn a blind eye to the acts, words and structures that beat women down every day. To the everyday feminist it can be disheartening to hear your beliefs be trivialized and discounted. Our endeavors seem pointless because they are met with blunt heavy opposition. The best response I can give is that if you believe whole-heartedly in the cause of feminism not much else matters. Power through those nights writhing under your blankets in irritation about the issues you care about and stay strong when your skin crawls at patriarchy.

I realize that this little blurb is coming from a place of privilege: I have the chance to speak out, I have the opportunity to worry about these things. I understand not everyone comes from an environment like mine, but I do think there are common struggles to be shared across experiences.

Sending my love to all of you who read and ponder,



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