Sex Education Crisis

Sex Education Crisis

The state of American sex education program is a mess. Adolescents need to be educated about these issues in ways that aren’t based around shame and fear. The methods employed by a majority of the country are harmful both psychologically and physically. The damage affects both genders, but poor sex education is especially debilitating for females. They’re the ones getting pregnant and many STI’s don’t show symptoms in females until they’ve reached advanced stages. Not only that, but abstinence only education is usually coupled by a VERY strong emphasis on poisonous gender roles and statements that enable rape culture. For example, the girl as the “lock” and the boy as the “key” analogy makes it seem as if it’s the girl’s responsibility guard herself as opposed to making seem as it really is: an issue of shared responsibility and respect.
This info graphic shows the damage in terms of teen pregnancies, but go to this link for proof that states with abstinence only sex ed also have higher rates of STI’s:

Credits to Laci Green for the info graphic and sources. Check out this video she made to debunk the abstinence only myth:
She’s truly an inspiration, so check her out!! ❤



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