I stumbled across this post the other day whilst browsing the feminist tag. In the writer’s defense, the rest of her post redeems itself. She goes on to say how women are awesome and deserve respect and that if people are going to call her a feminist for certain things that she does so be it. Her post is not exactly anti-feminist in it self, but rather once again reveals the tragedy of socialization.
She also poses a fair question: what is the definition of feminism? Many self-proclaimed feminists, like myself, would have a hard time giving you a straightforward immediate answer to this question. Every woman’s feminism is different. But really, what is it? I suppose it’s what keeps me going day to day, it’s what reminds me late at night that I deserve better and things will get better. It’s the simple idea that men and women are equal.
So, what bothers me most about this post? The strong negative connotation entangled with the word feminism. It makes me feel helpless to know that there are so many people out there, so many women out there, who do not have an idea of what feminism is or what it stands for. I feel a distinct sense of revulsion rolling throughout my body when I think about how feminism has such a strong negative connotation, how this woman feels offended when people call her a feminist, how people use the word feminist as an insult! I have actually experienced this myself many times. I voice my opinion stand up for something whatever and then someone says (thinking they’re being clever):
“ohmygod you’re such a feminist.”
“Why yes!! Thank you so much! I am in fact a feminist I’m so glad you noticed!” *fake smile plastered on face*
So to answer her question. No, you are not crazy to be offended because society has made feminism a dirty word. However, this DOES NOT mean you should feel offended if someone calls you a feminist. Feel empowered instead, at least people are noticing you stand up for yourself. That’s a good place to start.
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4 thoughts on “feminism?

  1. I think it is very sad that some people seem to be very reluctant in using the word “feminism” as a way of describing themselves or their beliefs. Even thought they have obvious feminist opinions and views, they relate “feminism” to something negative/embarrassing/unfeminine. It’s like you say, it comes down to socialization. I knew someone who wanted to call herself feminist but couldn’t because she was afraid that people would see her a man-hating psycho bitch (her words) – therefore she called herself equalist. I made me even more sad. How can you achieve true equality if you don’t recognise the gender oppression?

    • Your comment is right on point. How can you achieve equality if your don’t recognize the true extent of gender oppression?? Effectively, you can’t. That story about the girl who calls herself an equalist, blah, I couldn’t tell you how many girls I’ve met just like that. It’s the ultimate insult to the feminist movement that has granted them so much freedom and is still working in their favor.

      • Yes! I so much agree. I see “equalism” as a big insult to everthing feminism stands for. Equalism is completely ignoring and even denying the wide picture and the fact that gender oppression is systematic and it involved a lot of power structures and power relation on so many levels. It’s like saying that “Women and men ARE equal and we should maintain the status quo – an equal state!”

        Really, it’s just another word that anti-feminists use so it will sound like they are not complete assh*les and actually care about equality even though they blindly deny the extence of systematic gender oppression and power structures.

        And sadly enough, some people buy in to that.

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