10 Tips to End Rape

10 Tips to End Rape

Stumbled across this on Facebook today. I liked it because it takes advice given to women to prevent rape and turns it around to target those who should be held accountable: the rapists. Popular advice given to prevent rape is ridiculous. When flipped and geared toward the perpetrators people interpret the advice as even more preposterous. Why? Because we live in a victim blaming culture. What provides even more evidence for rape culture are people’s responses (mostly males) who miss the point completely and claim women are a bunch of paranoid, patronizing, pathetic, emotional, uneducated (the list goes on) crazies who go around screaming that all men are rapists. Excuse me, but if that is your response you’re exactly where our problem lies. Educate yourselves a little more on these sensitive issues and read the Wikipedia page on “satire.” Maybe then you can come back and provide a valuable comment.

(this post is made with the understanding that not all rape victims are females and that not all rapists are male, simply the majority are)


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