You Go Gurls: Senate Women Lead the Compromise to End the Government Shut Down

By Maggie Cremin

Senator Collins (ME-R) outlined a three-point plan on October 5th to end the stalemate and end the government shut down.  She took her plan to the Senate floor and “dared her colleagues to come up with something better.”  Senator Collins along with two other female Republicans, Lisa Murkowski (AK) and Kelly Ayotte (NH), started a bipartisan committee to negotiate a tentative budget plan.  These women were the “driving forces that shaped a negotiated settlement.”  They acted independently of party expectations and instead focused on re-opening the government for the American people so the American people did not have to worry about what would happen if the government remained in shut down and defected on its loans. 


Senators Barbara Mikulski (MD-D) and Patty Murray (WA-D), worked closely with the women Republican leaders to create a compromise that would appeal to both sides.  Of the 13 senators that formed the bipartisan committee, half of them were women!  This is a shocking contrast to the mere 20% of the Senate that women represent.


Senator John McCain (AZ-R) “joked at several points in their meetings. ‘The women are taking over.’”  Why is this a joking matter?  Women should exert more power in the Senate! These women are taking the initiative to fully represent the needs of the country, not to mention ending the government shut down when no one else was willing to make an effort to end the stalemate.


So basically snaps to the few but the proud women in the Senate for ending the government shut down.  You rock ladies!


If you are interested in hearing the three leading Republican women, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Kelly Ayotte, speak click here.




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