Add Your Piece


By Maggie Cremin

This year, the theme of the Stanford Women’s Leadership Conference is “Add Your Piece: Redefining Success Individually.” Our thought process was that there is no longer just one definition of success. For example, success does not only have to be defined by making lots of money and having a big house and a nice car and being able to provide for one’s family and be the breadwinner. In today’s world success can also be defined by making a difference in someone’s life, improving a community by giving it access to better resources, or it could also be raising one’s children to be good, caring, thoughtful citizens.

The goal of the conference in my mind is to show women that there are infinite ways to be successful, they can be physicists, mercenaries, doctors, CEOs, diplomats, activists etc. (the list goes on and on). Personally I sometimes felt that I could only be successful if I became a doctor or took a position in a male dominated field (such as government). But now, I feel that I can be successful in any field that I am passionate about because I can use my passion and talents to make a difference in that field and help people by contributing to that field.

My hope for the SWLC is that aspiring leaders learn that there are infinite role models to look to for inspiration in creating her/his own path to success. Add your piece to the growing list of incredible women leaders!

To learn more about the SWLC visit our website at:


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