15 Reasons Why #YesAllWomen Matters

By Sarah Roberts

TW: Misogyny/ Sexual Violence/ Transmisogyny

1. Because approximately 158 sexual assaults have been committed against women in the United States in the two hours it took me to write this.

2. Because 43% of queer women are survivors of sexual violence.

3. Because almost three-quarters (72%) of anti-LGBTQ homicide victims in 2013 were transgender women, and more than two-thirds (67%) were transgender women of color

4. Because Stanford has a history of not expelling students found guilty of rape, and survivors have to share a campus with their rapists all over the country.

5. Because I can’t kiss another woman in public without being stared at, catcalled, and harassed.

6. Because I can’t exist in public without being stared at, catcalled, and harassed.

7.Because saying I have a boyfriend is the easiest way to get a man to leave me alone; he respects the idea of another man’s “property” more than he respects my agency.

8. Because I received a rape whistle for Christmas when I was sixteen.

9. Because when I saw a girl stumbling around alone at Sasquatch, someone told me to just leave her because he “didn’t think she was gonna be okay, but whatever, it’s fine.”

10. Because when I realized that same girl could be entering an overdose and brought her to the medical tent, the medic cared more about the fact that I was topless than the fact that a girl could be dying.

11. Because we don’t owe men anything–not our phone numbers, our bodies, or our agency.

12. Because when I told my 7th grade teacher I was being sexually harassed by another student, she told me I needed to learn how to get along with people.

13. Because four days after the Isla Vista shooting, I spent two hours in a classroom being told gender based violence wasn’t real, and feminists need to stop talking about it.

14. Because the first people I told about my sexual assault said, “me too.”

15. Because even if you do not harass, rape, or abuse, you are complicit and even culpable every time you silence us or remain silent yourselves. Because if you are tired of hearing about misogyny, imagine how tired we are of living in it.


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