Femtastic Friday!

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Here are this week’s updates!

In this article from Stanford STATIC, Erika Lynn Abigail runs intervention on cis-normative approaches to sexual assault justice and gives valuable advice on how to support trans and/ or gender non-conforming survivors.  If you identify as a trans/ gender non-conforming survivor, please see the bottom of the article for information on a new support group.

The mainstream media has finally noticed what many queer activists have been saying for years: that supporting gay rights without also supporting racial, gender, and economic justice often does more harm than good.   Check out this critique of the Human Rights Campaign and the ways it falls short of intersectional justice.

President Obama expanded paid parental and sick leave, detailed here, and we hope to see more programs supporting workers’ rights in the coming year.

Abortion stigma harms communities of color in particular ways, given that they already face added sexual shaming and body policing.  Thanks to Tasha Fierce for sharing her abortion story and its relationship to class and race.

Women and people of color are often misrepresented or underrepresented in the entertainment industry, as revealed by this year’s Oscars nominations. If you are looking for a more inclusive way to enjoy this year’s movies, consider instead this list of the top feminist films of 2014.

Oftentimes, the news is full of disappointing, disenchanting things happening in the world. It’s important to stay up to date, but it’s also important to give ourselves a break.  So here’s an article about a dog who learned how to ride the bus to the dog park by herself.

We hope you enjoy the three day weekend and consider using this time to honor MLK’s legacy of anti-racist work in whatever way resonates with you.

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