Femtastic Friday!

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It’s Friday!

Marissa Alexander was released from jail last week and in this video she speaks candidly with Melissa Harris-Perry about her trial, her release, and her plans for the future. If you aren’t familiar with her case– Alexander was sentenced to jail for firing warning shots in an attempt to stop her abusive ex-husband from attacking her. Read more about Marissa Alexander.

Here’s an interview with Netta Elzie, one of the women behind the first Ferguson protests at Ferguson, MO and subsequent organizing.

 Alicia Garza, one of the creators of the #BlackLivesMatter discusses what it means when the words and work of women of color are coopted without recognition. As #BlackLivesMatter changes to #AllLivesMatter, #WomensLivesMatter, and other “matters,” Garza warns about the consequences of erasing race from the conversation.

Staceyann Chinn is an awesome queer woman of color, spoken-word poet, artist, and activist. Read some of her writings but first watch this adorable video “living room protest” where she and her daughter give a very special rendition of the “I Can’t Breathe” protest song.

Happy Femtastic Friday, WCC community. Enjoy this excellent combination of 1990s pop culture and feminist theory: Saved by the bell hooks tumblr

saved by the bell hooks

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