Femtastic Friday: In Anticipation of International Women’s Week

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Hi All!

International Women’s Week starts on Monday! From March 2-6 the WCC has lined up a great week of events around international feminist issues, gender justice, and activism.

In anticipation of International Women’s Week today’s Femtastic Friday is all about global gender justice and femtastic international women.

The Association for Women’s Rights in Development reflects on “Two Decades Of Indigenous Women’s Leadership In Latin America” Read about how indigenous women’s leadership has evolved in recent decades.

Which women does Eve Ensler think are the World’s Seven Most Powerful Feminists? Her list highlights the “great and often invisible work” of global grassroots feminists.

[Image: Kenyan women’s rights activist Agnes Pareiyo standing in a field]One of the women Ensler names is Agnes Pareiyo of Kenya. Pareiyo works on the frontlines of the fight to end the practice of female genital mutilation and early childhood marriage in Massailand.

In Istanbul men are putting on skirts and marching in protests to support women’s rights in the memory of  Ozgecan Aslan. Their message: stop the victim blaming; a woman’s clothing is never an invitation for sexual harassment or assault. Read about the movement here.

In case you missed it: In December Sudanese feminist Sara Elhassan’s spoken word addressing race, culture and beauty standards made waves on social media. This article written by Elhassan explains why she spoke up and the reactions, both good and bad.

Hope to see you during International Women’s Week at the WCC!
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