Femtastic Friday: International Women’s Day 2015 is Sunday March 8!

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Hi All,

Happy Friday!

International Women’s Week was a great success! We hope you were able to make it to some of the events– there was wonderful conversation, socializing, and thought-provoking discussion among our diverse participants and speakers.

Kathleen Kelly Janus kicked off International Women’s Week with a talk on social entrepreneurship:

photo (7) [Image: A photo of Kathleen Kelly Janus talking with students at the WCC during International Women’s Week]

International Women’s Day is this Sunday March 8! The theme this year is “Make it Happen.” Find out more about local and global events on the International Women’s Day website.

One day not enough? 2015 is the year for action on global gender equality says Caren Grown, World Bank Group Sr. Director for Gender. Caren wants to see anti-poverty policy turned into real results this year that empower women around the world. Read more about it here: International Women’s Day 2015: This is the Year

This week was also a Nationwide Week of Action calling on ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) to release Nicoll Hernández-Polanco, a Guatemalan transgender woman from a men’s detention center. ICE has received letters, phone calls, protests, and petitions from around the world demanding Nicoll’s release. Take action. At the bottom of the article above you’ll find information on who to contact to support Nicoll.

Read this opinion piece by Kavita Krishnan, a prominent women’s rights activist in India. Kavita questions the usefulness of and highlights the harm inflicted by referring to violence internationally as if it is unique to specific places and not a global problem.

Consider “Reimagining Feminism on International Women’s Day.” Harsha Walia, a South Asian activist and writer based in Vancouver, unceded Coast Salish Territories writes about a global revolutionary feminist movement that decenters Western liberal feminism to foreground the lived experiences of communities of color, indigenous communities, low-income communities, and trans communities.

We hope you all have a great weekend and join Feminist Hulk this year–

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