Femtastic Friday is back!

femtastic header
Happy Week 2.  We’re so happy to be back.  Hope the year is off to a wonderful start.

Mark your calendars; our Women’s Leadership Panel is next Friday from 11:30-1:30 pm, here at the WCC.

With healthcare provider Planned Parenthood’s federal funding coming into question, access to medical services for trans and low-income women will be heavily impacted.  Check here to see how Congress voted in the September 18 bill to defund Planned Parenthood for one year and call your representatives to let them know where you stand.

Who Cries for the Black Girl is a powerful and poignant film featuring interviews of five black women at Amherst College that grapples with their experiences of misogynoir, mental health challenges, and political consciousness.

The Know Tomorrow Climate Rally is today in White Plaza at 4pm  Stop by to check out our fact sheet on how climate change affects women’s lives.  We’d also like to call attention to Stanford alum Janani Balasubramanian’s excellent article on Why Climate Change is a Human Rights Issue.

The Stanford Campus Climate Survey findings were released yesterday.  We highly recommend reading the complete findings if you have the capacity and thinking of ways to support one another and yourselves.

Have a wonderful and compassionate Friday.


[Two otters floating on their backs in water move towards each other and grab hands.]


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