Femtastic Friday 10/23

femtastic header

Wow, we’re coming to the middle of the quarter already.  Here are this week’s Femtastic links.

Huge shout out to Mysia Anderson’s piece in the Stanford Daily on “Taking Back the Angry Black Woman”.

Even with the best of intentions, we can still stay words that are hurtful.  Here are five common transphobic phrases allies often use and ways to be more mindful with our language.

Been enjoying the Drake meme’s lately?  Javetta Laster gave Hotline Bling lyrics a feminist reimagining and it’s excellent.

[Frame of Drake’s Hotline Bling Video in which Drake has an open-mouthed, pained expression and holds his hand up.  The text reads, “When you flip the tortilla and you accidentally burn yourself.”]

Thanks to Autostraddle for their Queer Guide to IUDs.

Looking for a study break?  Watch one of these 84 films by and about women of color.

One of our staff members recently wrote a blog post about dealing with everyday sexism.  Check it out!

Best of luck on midterms from all of us at the WCC!

who run the world girls.gif
[Gif featuring Beyonce in a desert asking “Who runs the world?” and answering “Girls”.  She is wearing a silver dress and a car explosion appears behind her.”]


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