Femtastic Friday 10/30

femtastic header

It’s Halloweekend!  Here are this week’s Femtastic links:

We’re so excited about the weekend’s festivities but also want to encourage celebrating with mindfulness.  It should go without saying but avoid perpetuating racist stereotypes with your costumes and be cognizant of the power and privilege systems at work when dehumanization of people of color takes place.  Here is a really good explanation of the tangible consequences of sexualizing Native women through appropriative costumes.  If you’re looking for alternatives, check out these great feminist Halloween costumes!

[TW Misogynoir, State-Sanctioned Violence] After the assault on a black girl in South Carolina, we are thinking about the systematic and violent barriers to students of color accessing education.  Read about racialized violence in American schools here and support these 10 black woman owned organizations that support black girls.

As we near the end of the quarter, we love these tips on practical self-care.

We’ve started a new opportunity to get involved volunteering at the WCC!  Sign up for the WCC Ambassadors email list here.

Before Halloween, treat yourself to some deconstruction of internalized misogyny:

unlearn internalized.jpg
[Black and white drawing of a woman with an orange piece of fruit.  She is surrounded by quotes saying, “I’m One of the Guys,” “I’m not like other girls,” “I only hang out with guys; girls are so much drama,” and a slightly blocked off one that appears to say “…make me embarrassed to call myself a woman.”  Label-style white text on a black background says “Unlearn Internalized Misogyny.”]


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