Femtastic Friday 11/6

femtastic header
Happy Femtastic Friday!  Here are this week’s links.

As bodily self-love has entered mainstream dialogue, we are considering the authenticity of these calls to claiming beauty.  Here’s a thoughtful piece on the corporatization of body positivity.  On another note, shout out to the ISC and Stanford Students for Body Positivity for their Wellness Week display in White Plaza, where they took photographs to redefine and self-define beauty.

We are extremely disappointed by Houston’s failure to pass the Equal Rights Ordinance.  Check out Autostraddle’s deconstruction of what went wrong.

Got the week seven blues?  Check out these 19 songs to listen to when the patriarchy’s got you down!

Elvira Prieto, Associate Director at El Centro Chicano y Latino, recently published a collection of autobiographical poetry & prose about growing up in the San Joaquin Valley and coming to Stanford.  Read her wonderful write up in the Stanford Daily.

We’re so excited about co-sponsoring Jessica William’s talk tonight at Dinkelspiel Auditorium.  Doors open at 9pm for a 9:30pm show.  Here’s a throwback to Jessica’s video on sexual harassment.

[Jessica Williams dances in front of a city street backdrop.  She is wearing a white shirt, red tie, and black blazer.]


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