In Solidarity

Hi all,

In the wake of the events in Mizzou, in which white racists terrorized and threatened black students via anonymous social media platform Yik Yak, we would like to use our weekly Friday email to direct dialogue towards anti-black racism and violence.

To the black Stanford students and community members in our network, we send our thoughts and our love.  

To those who wonder why we, a women’s center, care about this issue, we our mission is to support scholarship, leadership, and activism.  For black students to be made unsafe in their educational institutions is to threaten their access to scholarship.  We are with the student leaders and activists who are resisting systematic racism, many of whom are black queer women.

To allies on our list, we ask that you affirm-in concrete and intentional ways-that black lives matter.  We ask that you consider your roles as allies to black students in Mizzou, Yale, and here.  Racism happens here.  It happens in California, it happens at educational institutions, and it happens at Stanford.  In addition to the solidarity photograph taken yesterday and the Speak Out last night, we want to think about ways to continue to challenge oppression where it exists.

Use your platforms to uplift black voices.  Use your privilege to call out interpersonal and institutionalized racism in your classes, your dorms, and your communities.  Use your capacity to do the work of dismantling oppression.  Read the Concerned Student 1-9-5-0 List of Demands, read about theimportance of student activism, and continue to educate yourselves about systematic racism, then show up and speak out for your peers.


[White background with black text that reads “Black Lives Matter”]


[Photograph in white plaza of hundreds of Stanford students in solidarity with Mizzou.  One sign reads “If you’re neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”]

With love,

The Stanford Women’s Community Center


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