Femtastic Friday 1/15

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Happy Friday everyone!  Here are Week 2’s Femtastic Updates

Planned Parenthood for America filed a federal lawsuit yesterday against anti-abortion extremists at the Center for Medical Process (CMP), which orchestrated an ongoing smear campaign to block women from accessing safe and legal abortion.  Read more about it here.

[Content Warning: Discussion of sexual violence]: Five professors have released a letterdetailing concerns with the proposed Title IX Process at Stanford.

A study released by the Center for American Progress and the Equal Rights Center found that trans women consistently face barriers when attempting to access homeless shelters, including isolation, misgendering, and being refused shelter.

“Diversity” is a frequent topic of discussion across college campuses.  Check out this articledeconstructing the notion of diversity and how we can go further to serve and hold space for students of color.

People of color are rarely recognized by mainstream Hollywood award programs.  Check out this piece on the exclusion of people of color from this year’s Oscar’s nominations.

In honor of Martin Luther King Day this coming Monday, read this piece on the erasure of Dr. King’s radical politics and the whitewashing of collective action. 

[Grey background with black and white image of young Coretta Scott King.  The text in white reads ‘”Struggle is a never-ending process.  Freedom is never really won; you earn it and win it in every generation.” Coretta Scott King’]


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