Femtastic Friday 1/29

femtastic header

It’s been a beautiful week.  Happy Friday!

Looking for new music?  Check out this list of amazing Latina musicians.

Though the internet has made a wealth of knowledge more accessible, it still is not accessible to all.  This piece on the dangers of dismissing people with the phrase “Google It” really made us think.

You may have heard about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, where residents have been subjected to toxic water for two years.  Read this account of how undocumented immigrants have been denied access to free water and this piece on why access to water is a feminist issue.

In the wake of the Zika virus, which is linked to birth defects, Latin American officials have recommended women delay pregnancy for the next two years. This piece explores the complications and contradictions of recommending pregnancy delays while restricting access to abortion and contraception.

Join us next Wednesday at 6pm in the WCC Main Lounge for a talk on Media Consumption with Professor Robert Jensen!


[Gif of Beyonce against a grey background.  Text in white italics at the bottom reads, “I’m not bossy.  I’m the boss.]

Have a great weekend!


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