Femtastic Friday 2/5

femtastic header 
Happy Friday!

Misogyny is taught in subtle ways, even in our language.  Here are eight words that reveal the patriarchal leanings of the English language.

Women deserve to have their achievements discussed on their own merits.  We love this twitter user who wrote biographies of male scientists using female tropes.

On today’s episode of “Not the Onion,” the Center for Disease Control recently released a reportadvising women to not drink alcohol if they aren’t on birth control.  #bye.

HuffPost Gay Voices has changed its name to HuffPost Queer Voices.  We’re into this move towards inclusivity.

Enjoy our feminist stickers and looking for more ways to add glitter to your life?  Check out this recipe for homemade sparkle truffles.


[Gif of Wonder Woman punching in a window with the text “Patriarchy” written over it]

Hope you have a patriarchy-smashing weekend!


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