Femtastic Friday 2/26

femtastic header

Happy Friday!

Here are week’s 8 Femtastic links:The first domestic violence shelter for men opened in Arkansas, providing resources to victims who are often overlooked.

We love these portraits spotlighting trans women activists and artists of color!

Shout out to John Oliver’s excellent clip on abortion in the United States and how legality is insufficient unless all bodies can afford and access abortion.

[TW: Discussion of Eating Disorders] This week was National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.  Often the experiences of marginalized folks with eating disorders are silenced in favor of a white-washed narrative.  This article outlines the intersection of marginalization and eating disorders.  These stories explore the connections between eating disorders and disability.

This week, Students Supporting Body Positivity, the WCC, Cardinal RHED, and Cardinal Council launched a Student-Athlete Body Image campaign to highlight how Stanford student-athletes value their bodies in the context of athletics. Check it out! 

[Gif of Bob’s Burgers character Tina Belcher drawing her fist down and speaking.  The text in yellow reads, “I’m a smart, strong sensual woman.”]

Have a great and affirmative weekend!


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