Femtastic Friday 3/11

femtastic header

It’s the last Femtastic Friday of the quarter.  Here are this week’s links!

Need some inspiration for your aesthetic?  Look no further than these five queers who are revolutionizing fashion.

In preparation for Herstory month, check out this feminist quote rap performed by the cast of Hamilton.

As the Supreme Court continues its analysis of Whole Women’s Health v. Hellerstedt, it’s critical to keep in mind that abortion and bodily autonomy are issues that impact people of all genders.  Read this account by a transman who spoke in front of SCOTUS.

We’re absolutely in love with this list of 10 Queer Female and Non Binary Artists of Color.

Need some Spring Break activities?  Check out these 20 Feminist, Queer, and Body-Positive coloring books!


[Gif of Beyonce and Nicki Minaj sunbathing on pool floats that are placed on grass.  They are laughing joyfully.]

Good luck on finals and have a restful and restorative spring break!


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