Femtastic Friday 3/15

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Happy Friday! Here are week 3’s links:

This week saw what some have deemed “Equal Pay Day,” a day to raise awareness about gendered pay disparity.  Check out this article on the limitations of this rhetoric and the ways in which it fails women of color.

The upcoming film, Confirmation, returns to Anita Hill’s testimony against Clarence Thomas’s sexual harassment, exploring issues of race, gender, and victim blaming.  Check out the cast’s discussion of how the story raises issues of what progress still has to be made in achieving justice for those who come forward to report sexual harassment.

The Stanford Confidential Support Team (CST)* a confidential resource for survivors of abuse or sexual violence, has expanded to now include four full time staff.  This is a welcome step in Stanford’s long process of becoming a supportive and responsive place for survivors.  Find their write up here.

Last week, 90.6% of respondents (1975 students) voted in favor of the ASSU Referendum to conduct a new campus climate survey on sexual violence.  Stanford promptly refused, with a representative stating that “there really is a single primary critic and students who were in her class.”  Guess it was a big class.  Read the story here.

As we reach the middle of WCC Herstory Month, check out our remaining events here.


[Drawing of an upside woman with long pastel rainbow hair.  She is covering her face with her hands and wearing a pink bracelet on one wrist.  The text bubble reads “Just by breathing, you’re being brave.”]


*The CST can be reached at (650)-736-6933 or visited in person at the Rogers House.


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