Herstory of Activism at Stanford

Past and present activism at Stanford was discussed at an event on April 14, which included presentations from University Archivists Jenny Johnson and Josh Schneider as well as a panel featuring Gina Hernandez, Cindy Ng, and Karen Biestman. Jenny Johnson spoke about the history of Women at Stanford, from the first sororities on campus, early women’s sports, and the longstanding limit on the number of women that could enroll at one time. Josh Schneider presented selections from the University Archives showing Social Justice at Stanford, including a 1968 event at which African-American students expressed their frustration at the non-white experience of Stanford following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., on-campus protests of the Vietnam War, and the formation of cultural centers. Cindy Ng, the Director of A3C, discussed the infrastructure of community centers at Stanford and the student group Concerned Students for Asian-American Studies that demonstrated for an Asian-American Studies program in 1994. Karen Biestman is the Associate Dean and Director of the Native American Cultural Center; she answered questions about activism at Stanford vs. activism at Berkeley, facilitating communication between the administration and students, and the meaning of diversity in higher education. Gina Hernandez was a student activist involved in the 1989 takeover of the president’s office over minority representation at Stanford. IMG_2279Posted by Kathryn Rydberg, WCC



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