Femtastic Friday 5/6

femtastic header

Happy Week 6!  Here are week six’s femtastic links:

Cultural trends often misappropriate aspects from other cultures in ways that are violent and erasing.  We love this showcase of What Beauty Looks Like When It isn’t Appropriated.

Asian Americans are often left out of major roles in the film industry.  The new hashtag #WhitewashedOUT pushes back against the white-washing of Asian roles.

Obama may name Stonewall Inn as a national monument, making it the first one to honor LGBT history and liberation.  Check out the story here and read about the trans women of color behind Stonewall’s legacy here.

[TW: Discussions of PTSD, rape, war] We as a society still struggle to grasp trauma in all of its complexity and nuance.  Check out this piece on how writing About trauma can be a source of trauma itself.

As we near the end of the year, a reminder to show yourself love:

give credit86907537491476587_n

[Image of flowers in background with white text in center that reads: “Give yourself some credit. You’ve come pretty far.”]

Have a vibrant and loving weekend!


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