Self Care and Contemplation Space Grand Opening

On Friday, May 20 the WCC had the Grand Opening of the new Self Care and Contemplation Space! The opening featured a guided meditation led by Ph.D student Victoria Chang, massages by Serge from Rejuv at Work, and a self care workshop by Priscila Garcia from the Haas Center. Participants also drew and made crafts.

The SCCC is meant to promote balance and rejuvenation for all members of the WCC community. It is a safe space that one can enter with the intent to care for oneself and fulfill one’s emotional needs, either in solitude or with companions. As such, the space is equipped with various items including books, snacks, seashells, pillows, and various other items that promote comfort or reflection. For the WCC community of academics, activists… humans, the SCCC is a much-needed oasis to relieve stress and invigorate the spirit – the source of our creativity and resilience.  

On Thursday from 2:15 to 4:15 there will be workshop in the SCCS to make body creams with Ashley Mills! There will also be massages by Serge from Rejuv at Work.


– Kathryn Rydberg ’19 and Maya Odei ’16


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