Femtastic Friday 5/27

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Happy Friday! Here’s the penultimate Femtastic Friday of the year!

Rape culture permeates our existence in insidious ways, and we internalize it from very early ages.  Check out this author’s discussion of 3 ways she learned that her consent did not matter.

As abortion laws become more invasive and restrictive, people facing unwanted pregnancy are forced to resort to potentially unsafe practices.  Read this story on how women in Texas are inducing their own abortions.

We are grateful for this account that explores the complexities of navigating disability and desirability.

Calling the police is often the first line of response to violence, but the state can also be a perpetrator of violence.  We lovethe work that the Audre Lorde Project is doing to develop community-based systems of accountability for violence.

[Content note: Images of gunshot wounds, transphobia] Rest in power, Alesha, a trans woman who died after hospital staff delayed treatment while deciding whether or not to put her in the woman’s ward.

As we enter the end-quarter period, a reminder to take care of yourself:


[Image: Drawing of an orange clock with a yellow background.  Text says “Make time for yourself.  You are important.]


Have a wonderful long weekend!




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