Femtastic Friday 6/3

femtastic header

Happy Friday!  This is the last Femtastic Friday of the year!

We love this intervention into white disability politics by Vilissa Thompson, founder of the hashtag #disabilitytoowhite.  Check out an interview with her here.

The issues specifically marginalizing and impacting Latina women are frequently left out of feminist discourse.  Check out this great piece on embracing Latina Feminism.

In an academically privileged setting like Stanford, problematic and elitist behavior can easily invade our activism.  Check out these 10 common pitfalls that lead to inaccessible activism.

While we also want to affirm that women of color don’t have to be strong all the time, we love this celebration of woke brown women’s power.

Looking for great feminist jams to serenade your summer adventures?  Check out the WCC Spotify Account.  Just go onto Spotify and search spotify : user : wccstaff! .

[Image: Black words against white background which read, “today’s plan, compassioning hard af.”]

Have a restorative and femtastic summer!


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