Femtastic Fridays: Week 8


Thanksgiving break is finally upon us! We wish upon you all a week of rest.   As we confront the challenges of the world around us, we also hope that you take pause to care for yourself and take care of your communities.  Expressing gratitude in the face of difficult circumstances is never easy. It is through the strength that we find in ourselves and our support from those close to us that we may confront these difficulties with passion and grace. No matter what you may be dealing with, we hope that you can take time to recognize the people who love you, and the spaces which welcome you.

What’s New in the WCC

Come out to the WCC on Sunday nights for

Feminist Discussion Nights

9 – 10:30pm

Women’s Community Center

*Feminist Discussion Nights will resume the Sunday following Thanksgiving Break

Hume Writing Tutors

Tuesdays and Wednesdays

7 – 9 pm

Women’s Community Center

Event Recaps

Recognizing and Responding to Microaggressions

In Monday’s workshop, Recognizing and Responding to Microaggressions, Dr.Meag-gan Walters gave numerous examples of what microaggressions can look like in everyday life while validating individuals’ experiences, and gave tips for responding to them while emphasizing that the focus remain on self-care. Thank you for all who attended and supported this event!

WCC Fall Gathering

Thank you to all who attended and supported our Fall Gathering!

Interesting Reads and Other News

In the wake of the election, here is a crowdsourced list of things to do re: health, immigration status, family, money, digital security, and more.

Going home can mean many different things to us. Here is an article on dealing with the challenges we may face as we go home for the holidays.

For folks needing ideas on self and community care during this post-election period, check out Wired’s article, “The Critical Role of Self-Care for Handling Post Election Stress.”

Looking for a thought-provoking read for the break? We’ll be reading Arlie Russell Hochschild’s “Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right,” Zadie Smith’s “Swing Time,” and Jessica Bennett’s “Feminist Fight Club.”



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