Mentoring 101

It was wonderful to have BEAM representatives Annie Vleck and Ahmad Wright with us at the WCC for our Mentoring 101 event! They offered valuable insight into finding and maintaining a connection with a mentor. Here is some of the advice they shared:

1. Finding the right mentor

Each person’s “right” mentor varies! Depending on what you’re looking for, a mentor may look or act in different ways. Think about what you are looking for, including the background of your potential mentor and your goals for your relationship with that mentor, and then try to outline 5 words to describe your ideal mentor. There are also numerous resources to find mentors, among which include the Stanford Alumni Mentoring Program, LinkedIn, internships/jobs, and the Alumni directory, all of which BEAM can assist you on. There are also different types of mentors someone might have at any given moment: there’s the 1-year-from-now mentor, or someone who is in a position that you’d like to be in ~12 months from now; there’s the 5-years-from-now mentor, and even a 10+-years-from-now mentor. The questions you might have for each of these types of mentors are different, and that’s good!

2. Making the ask + cultivating conversation

You don’t have to approach someone out of the blue and ask them formally to be your mentor! Oftentimes, finding a mentor can be very informal. If you have already met someone (a teacher or a recruiter), establishing a connection can be as simple as inviting your potential mentor to a follow-up meeting, coffee, or lunch. Set goals and expectations and be upfront with what you’re hoping they can help with. Over time, the trust that a mentor and mentee build can allow emotional closeness through being vulnerable. Remember, mentors want to help you succeed!

3. Maintaining the connection

Once you’ve found someone you’d like to get to know better, maintain your connection! Mentorship is a two-way street, so do not assume your mentor will drive the process. Stay in touch, be eager to learn, show gratitude, and look for knowledge–not validation! Even a quarterly/annual email to thank them and give a small update into whats happening in your life can work!


Mentorship can be a valuable learning resource for anyone, and we hope that these tips will guide you on your search. BEAM is also open for students looking for help finding a mentor. See for more info!


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Spring Quarter Femtastic Friday: Week 1


Happy Friday!

We hope your Week 1 was off to a stellar start. To top it off, here’s your roundup of feminist wonderfulness!

What’s up at the WCC?

We’re hiring!

We are currently seeking applicants for our 2017-2018 WCC Staff!

Find more info and the application at this link.

2017 Stanford Women’s Leadership Conference

Courage to Bloom: Embracing Your Roots and Planting Seeds for Change

April 8, 2017 9:45AM-3:30pm in Tresidder Memorial Union

Check-in for registered attendees begins at 9:45AM and ends promptly at 10AM. Please arrive early to help us stay on schedule, to sign up for mentor tables, and to ensure that you receive swag!

See the schedule and more here. Please let us know if you can no longer make it.

New Episode of the Feminist Voices Podcast!

Episode 4 | Featuring Dr. Jeanine Staples

Curated by Mysia Anderson and Nya Hughes

Click here to listen!

Community Resource Guide Brainstorming Session

3:30-4:30PM Thursday, April 13 | WCC Main Lounge

Featuring boba from Teaspoon!

We are creating a WCC Community Resource Guide to preserve institutional knowledge within our vibrant community. The guide will be available to all students, and will feature advice on topics such as how to get to know professors, recommendations for excellent Stanford experiences, ways to branch out of your friend group, can’t-miss classes, and more. Because it’s a community guide, we want *your* input via this fun brainstorming session with boba from Teaspoon!

Uplifting Feminist News and Articles

This week, astronaut Peggy Whitson completed her eighth spacewalk and set the record for number of spacewalks by a female astronaut!

“Powerhouse ballet dancer Ashley Bouder is no stranger to making headlines and spurring conversation, including last year when she was documented rehearsing dance moves mere days before giving birth to her first child. This year and right in the middle of Women’s History Month, she put together a program to point out the imbalance in ballet when it comes to the gender of choreographers and composers.” Read about it here.

Louisiana might be the next state to get rid of the “tampon tax.” Read more here.

There are currently record numbers of women and folks of color running for office in Los Angeles. Read more here!

We hope you have a great weekend!