Spring Quarter Femtastic Friday: Week 6


Happy Friday! Whether or not it’s been an especially stressful week of midterms and papers for you, we hope that you find the time to recharge your batteries and treat yourself this weekend.

What’s New in the WCC

Introducing the New WCC Staff

Alicia Hu – Stanford Women’s Leadership Conference Chair

Claire Robinson – Outreach Coordinator

Ginger Gramson – Communications Coordinator

Irene Jeon – Women in STEM Coordinator

Jasmine Liu – Women at Work Coordinator

Karina Gutierrez – Graduate Program Coordinator

Lillian Bornstein – Feminist Narratives Coordinator

Lucas Lawrence – Academic Coordinator

Olivia Reyes-Becerra – Alumni and Campus Partners Coordinator

Rawley Clark – NSO/Intern/Ambassador Coordinator

Taylor Crutison – Feminist Narratives Coordinator

Valerie Troutman – Graduate Program Coordinator

Please join us in congratulating all the new and returning staff for next year!

Hume Writing Tutors

Tuesdays and Wednesdays

7 – 9 pm

Women’s Community Center



Exploring Allyship Event on Monday

We spoke about the motivations behind being an ally in response to the Tim Wise keynote at the Sally Dickson Lecture. This fruitful discussion centered around the differences between charity and solidarity, and the differences between calling oneself an ally and practicing solidarity.

Feminism in Conversation Event on Wednesday

Dr. Marcie Bianco gave us a brief overview of the history of feminism, highlighting and centering the part woman of color played in the feminist movement (which is often left out of the history of feminism). Dr. Bianco also lead us into a powerful discussion on the difference between fighting for equality and fighting for freedom.

Institutional Change at Stanford Event on Saturday

Last Saturday, Provost Drell hosted a workshop on institutional change at Stanford. We recommend you check out the slides from the event to see how they may influence how you do your work: http://provost.stanford.edu/2017/05/08/provost-drell-hosts-workshop-on-institutional-change


May is Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month!

Upcoming events include:

Asian Images 2017 – Artists from the Grassroots (May 13, 7pm, A3C Ballroom)

One Love Escalation Workshop on warning signs of relationship abuse (May 14, 8pm, Old Union 215)

Check out the full calendar here.

Self-Care Sundae

Please come join the Haas Center for an evening of self-care, relaxation,and great food!

Tuesday, May 16th

7 – 8:30 pm

Haas Center

End-of-the-Year Ambassador Event

Wednesday, May 17th between 1:30pm and 3pm at the WCC

Something we like to do here at the WCC is express gratitude for those who have helped us along on our journeys. In that spirit, our last event of the year will be an opportunity to get together, eat pizza and write letters of gratitude to faculty doing work in gender equity.  RSVP to Lucas (blawrenc@stanford.edu) so we know how much pizza to order!

Digital Security for Activists (or Anyone)

Wednesday, May 17th at 6:30pm at the WCC

Are you engaged in activism, or just creeped out by government surveillance?

Join us for a free workshop with the Electronic Frontier Foundation on digital security and surveillance self-defense. Learn best practices on social media, at protests, and during international travel. No technical expertise needed – just bring your laptop and/or phone, and you’ll leave with new tools for ensuring the security and privacy of your communications, as well as opportunities to become further involved in digital privacy advocacy. RSVP at http://bit.ly/2pVB94E!

Interesting Reads and Other News

How will the Republican healthcare bill affect survivors of sexual assault? What protections will be removed? Click here to read more.

41 girls were recently killed in a fire in an orphanage in Guatemala, a country that has one of the highest rates of violent deaths among women. Read more here about the activists that have come together through this tragedy to fight for women’s rights.



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