Femtastic Friday 6/3

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Happy Friday!  This is the last Femtastic Friday of the year!

We love this intervention into white disability politics by Vilissa Thompson, founder of the hashtag #disabilitytoowhite.  Check out an interview with her here.

The issues specifically marginalizing and impacting Latina women are frequently left out of feminist discourse.  Check out this great piece on embracing Latina Feminism.

In an academically privileged setting like Stanford, problematic and elitist behavior can easily invade our activism.  Check out these 10 common pitfalls that lead to inaccessible activism.

While we also want to affirm that women of color don’t have to be strong all the time, we love this celebration of woke brown women’s power.

Looking for great feminist jams to serenade your summer adventures?  Check out the WCC Spotify Account.  Just go onto Spotify and search spotify : user : wccstaff! .

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Have a restorative and femtastic summer!

Femtastic Friday 5/27

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Happy Friday! Here’s the penultimate Femtastic Friday of the year!

Rape culture permeates our existence in insidious ways, and we internalize it from very early ages.  Check out this author’s discussion of 3 ways she learned that her consent did not matter.

As abortion laws become more invasive and restrictive, people facing unwanted pregnancy are forced to resort to potentially unsafe practices.  Read this story on how women in Texas are inducing their own abortions.

We are grateful for this account that explores the complexities of navigating disability and desirability.

Calling the police is often the first line of response to violence, but the state can also be a perpetrator of violence.  We lovethe work that the Audre Lorde Project is doing to develop community-based systems of accountability for violence.

[Content note: Images of gunshot wounds, transphobia] Rest in power, Alesha, a trans woman who died after hospital staff delayed treatment while deciding whether or not to put her in the woman’s ward.

As we enter the end-quarter period, a reminder to take care of yourself:


[Image: Drawing of an orange clock with a yellow background.  Text says “Make time for yourself.  You are important.]


Have a wonderful long weekend!



Femtastic Friday 5/20

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Happy Week 8!  We can’t believe how quickly the year has gone by!

Scenes from Beyonce’s visual album, Lemonade, are now available in a coloring book!  Check it out.

We are deeply angered by Oklahoma’s proposed law to make performing abortions a felony.  Abortion doctors provide a life-saving and vital service, and we are sad to see them continue to come under attack.

Like those seeking abortions, the challenges abortion providers face are mediated by their various identities.  Check out this profile of a black abortion doctor in the Deep South.

We were also immensely disappointed that the Navajo Nation lost their famed court case against Urban Outfitters for trademark violation.

Heteronormative scripts invade our lives and our mindsets in ways we might not even think of.  Check out this advice on having sex outside the gender binary.


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Femtastic Friday 5/13

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U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced on Monday that the Department of Justice is filing a federal civil rights lawsuit against North Carolina for their state-sponsored discrimination against transgender individuals, and today, the U.S. Departments of Education and Justice released a letter directing public school districts to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms that match their gender identity.  We applaud this move forward!

The Harvard president announced that members of single-sex clubs will be prohibited from holding leadership positions on campus and from receiving the official recommendations required for postgrad fellowships like the Rhodes & Marshall. Her decision was partly in response to a recent sexual assault task force that found some of the all-male final clubs fostered an atmosphere of misogyny, sexual misconduct, and entitlement.  Read the story here.

Everyday racism subtly and not-so-subtly embeds itself into everyday life.  Good thing we have a tool to identify and deconstruct it.

Rihanna has launched a global scholarship program that will help pay for the tuition of citizens/natives of Brazil, Barbados, Cuba, Haiti, Grenada, Guyana, or Jamaica planning to go to college in the U.S.

[Content note: discussion of relationship abuse] Just because it doesn’t involve physical violence, doesn’t mean it isn’t abuse.  This hashtag confronts the complex realities of abuse and all of the ways in which it manifests.

This week, the WCC partnered with Students Supporting Body Positivity and The Bridge to put on a self-love and body positivity workshop.  Read the recap here!

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[Black text on white background that reads, “So many years of education yet nobody ever taught us how to love ourselves and why it’s so important.”

Femtastic Friday 5/6

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Happy Week 6!  Here are week six’s femtastic links:

Cultural trends often misappropriate aspects from other cultures in ways that are violent and erasing.  We love this showcase of What Beauty Looks Like When It isn’t Appropriated.

Asian Americans are often left out of major roles in the film industry.  The new hashtag #WhitewashedOUT pushes back against the white-washing of Asian roles.

Obama may name Stonewall Inn as a national monument, making it the first one to honor LGBT history and liberation.  Check out the story here and read about the trans women of color behind Stonewall’s legacy here.

[TW: Discussions of PTSD, rape, war] We as a society still struggle to grasp trauma in all of its complexity and nuance.  Check out this piece on how writing About trauma can be a source of trauma itself.

As we near the end of the year, a reminder to show yourself love:

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[Image of flowers in background with white text in center that reads: “Give yourself some credit. You’ve come pretty far.”]

Have a vibrant and loving weekend!

Femtastic Friday 3/15

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Happy Friday! Here are week 3’s links:

This week saw what some have deemed “Equal Pay Day,” a day to raise awareness about gendered pay disparity.  Check out this article on the limitations of this rhetoric and the ways in which it fails women of color.

The upcoming film, Confirmation, returns to Anita Hill’s testimony against Clarence Thomas’s sexual harassment, exploring issues of race, gender, and victim blaming.  Check out the cast’s discussion of how the story raises issues of what progress still has to be made in achieving justice for those who come forward to report sexual harassment.

The Stanford Confidential Support Team (CST)* a confidential resource for survivors of abuse or sexual violence, has expanded to now include four full time staff.  This is a welcome step in Stanford’s long process of becoming a supportive and responsive place for survivors.  Find their write up here.

Last week, 90.6% of respondents (1975 students) voted in favor of the ASSU Referendum to conduct a new campus climate survey on sexual violence.  Stanford promptly refused, with a representative stating that “there really is a single primary critic and students who were in her class.”  Guess it was a big class.  Read the story here.

As we reach the middle of WCC Herstory Month, check out our remaining events here.


[Drawing of an upside woman with long pastel rainbow hair.  She is covering her face with her hands and wearing a pink bracelet on one wrist.  The text bubble reads “Just by breathing, you’re being brave.”]


*The CST can be reached at (650)-736-6933 or visited in person at the Rogers House.

Femtastic Friday 3/11

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It’s the last Femtastic Friday of the quarter.  Here are this week’s links!

Need some inspiration for your aesthetic?  Look no further than these five queers who are revolutionizing fashion.

In preparation for Herstory month, check out this feminist quote rap performed by the cast of Hamilton.

As the Supreme Court continues its analysis of Whole Women’s Health v. Hellerstedt, it’s critical to keep in mind that abortion and bodily autonomy are issues that impact people of all genders.  Read this account by a transman who spoke in front of SCOTUS.

We’re absolutely in love with this list of 10 Queer Female and Non Binary Artists of Color.

Need some Spring Break activities?  Check out these 20 Feminist, Queer, and Body-Positive coloring books!


[Gif of Beyonce and Nicki Minaj sunbathing on pool floats that are placed on grass.  They are laughing joyfully.]

Good luck on finals and have a restful and restorative spring break!

Femtastic Friday 3/4

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TGIF.  Here are week 9’s Femtastic links.

We applaud Melissa Harris-Perry’s epic exit from MSNBC for their treatment of people of color.

The Supreme Court is currently reviewing restrictive abortion legislation in Texas that has already caused half of the state’s clinics to close.  Check out some of the female justices’ arguments in the case.

[TW Some discussion of harassment and assault] We’re inspired by the story of Sara Faulkner, the first women to graduate from the Coast Guard’s rescue swimmer training program.

Looking for some self care this weekend?  Check out the Ruth Bader Ginsberg coloring book!

Need more?  Check out our Self Care Body Butter Workshop tomorrow at noon at the WCC.


[Drawn graphic of dog looking to the side wearing a denim spiked vest and three earrings.  Text in pink ribbon at the top and bottom reads “Pups against the patriarchy”]

Do something for yourselves this weekend!

Femtastic Friday 2/26

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Happy Friday!

Here are week’s 8 Femtastic links:The first domestic violence shelter for men opened in Arkansas, providing resources to victims who are often overlooked.

We love these portraits spotlighting trans women activists and artists of color!

Shout out to John Oliver’s excellent clip on abortion in the United States and how legality is insufficient unless all bodies can afford and access abortion.

[TW: Discussion of Eating Disorders] This week was National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.  Often the experiences of marginalized folks with eating disorders are silenced in favor of a white-washed narrative.  This article outlines the intersection of marginalization and eating disorders.  These stories explore the connections between eating disorders and disability.

This week, Students Supporting Body Positivity, the WCC, Cardinal RHED, and Cardinal Council launched a Student-Athlete Body Image campaign to highlight how Stanford student-athletes value their bodies in the context of athletics. Check it out! 

[Gif of Bob’s Burgers character Tina Belcher drawing her fist down and speaking.  The text in yellow reads, “I’m a smart, strong sensual woman.”]

Have a great and affirmative weekend!

Femtastic Friday 2/19

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Happy Friday!

In the past weeks, we’ve seen two incredibly powerful anti-racist performances on mainstream platforms, but while Kendrick Lamar was lauded for his Grammy performance, Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime show was picked apart.  Check out this piece on the misogynoir facing female black revolutionaries.

You aren’t imagining it: a study conducted by the University of Washington found that male undergraduates overestimate their male peers while underestimating women.

On Tuesday, the South Dakota state senate passed a bill banning transgender students from using the bathroom aligning with their gender in schools.  We’re saddened and disappointed by this act of transphobia, especially considering that in school districts offering transgender protections, no incidents of inappropriate restroom behavior have been reported.

Here’s a friendly satirical reminder that men don’t need to tell women how to do feminism.

We applaud Obama’s move to try to end funding of abstinence-only sex education, which fails to prevent STIs and unplanned pregnancy or to teach the fundamentals of consent and pleasure.

Have a great weekend.  Remember to support each other in the end of the quarter!


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